About Daniel Mosquin

Artistic Statement

I am often struck by the ephemerality of the subjects I photograph; perhaps a scientific awareness gives the perspective that all things are fleeting in geological time scales. I seek moments and places where some measure of beauty is to be found.


I grew up on a grain farm near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Some of my earliest memories were of gardening with my parents or bird-watching in places like Oak Hammock Marsh with my aunts and uncles. Mucking about in ponds or encountering birds while riding my bike on country roads were favourite daily activities.

Trips with my parents to visit wildflowers like gentians or lady's slippers in bloom eventually honed my interests onto plants.  An undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba (with some time spent at the University of British Columbia) emphasized plant biology.

A few years after receiving my degree, I started work at UBC Botanical Garden. I have had several roles there since 2000, including managing in areas such as research, education, and IT.

After being encouraged to improve my photography of garden plants in the early 2000s, I purchased my first dSLR in 2004. With camera, lenses and other equipment in hand, I have since visited much of western North America and parts of the eastern part of the continent as well.